• Sustainability


Because we believe that any commitment to a more environmentally sustainable world has to start at home, we challenging ourselves to work in an environmentally responsible manner, we train our staff and like to communicate with our guests on the best way to secure we — and all future generations — will be able to enjoy our beautiful environment.

We use the ElizaYo Foundation for the maintenance of the garden, www.elizayo.nl

The ElizaYo Foundation shares the dream of two local churches, which have joined forces in the district "Beverley Hills" in Strand (Cape Town, South Africa). Together with the foundation they are responsible for a learning-working project with the aim to offer a future to the many underprivileged young people in the district.

Due to lack of education, addictions, poverty and violence, 70% of these young people end up in prostitution or crime. To break the vicious circle in which they live, the ElizaYo (future) learning and working project was set up. By offering education and skills these young people get perspectives for the future again!


  • Our waste is reused and/or recycled if that’s not possible we compost it
  • Food and non-food that is beyond its economic life cycle is donated and made to use in local community projects


  • We use our borehole water for the irrigation system and swimming pool
  • All our toilets have a dual flush mechanism
  • We motivate our guests to be water-wise and energy efficient
  • We use an Eco-friendly laundry & dishwashing systems
  • All our water is purified with sophisticated in-house, multi-stage water filters
  • Also, our staff is trained daily to use the minimum of our precious water resources

Power wise

  • We only use LED lights throughout the premises
  • Water heating is done with an innovative heat pump
  • All appliances are switched off and unplugged when not in use


  • All towels and linen are 100% cotton and locally made
  • All our amenities are 100% natural and locally made
  • Our garden is landscaped with indigenous, water wise and bird and animal-friendly plants
  • In our gift shop we sell artwork from local artists